Kratie Province, located on the east bank of the Mekong River, attracts a fair share of visitors, many of whom wish to catch a glimpse of the last few Irrawaddy Dolphins left in the world. The recommended place to see them is Kampi Village, about 15 kilometers from town. Irrawaddy Dolphins are an endangered species and are extremely rare; it is estimated there are only about 60 living in this stretch of the river.


The town of Kratie offers an authentic rural ambience, and therefore serves as the perfect place to spend a peaceful night or two. It is a nice relief from some of the country’s more trafficked areas.


There numerous sites to visit in Kratie. Phnom Sombok is a small temple located on a hill north of town. A long flight of steps lead into a pavilion of Phnom Sombok that features detailed photos of afterlife punishments to those who have sinned in the present life. Wat Roka Kandal is a restored pagoda with an ancient Lao style ‘Stupa’ on the riverfront about 2 kilometers from the town center. Nearby lies a more modern pagoda where chanting of the monks can be heard at dawn and in the evenings. About 15 kilometers from town, there is a large Cham community. This is known locally as the ‘basket-weaving’ village; it is the biggest in Kratie with over 4000 villagers living here.


A popular end-of-the-day activity in Kratie is to relax by the riverfront to watch the sun set.


Kratie - Mekong Trail

Kratie, A Riverside Sunset Town

Kratie (pronounced Krah-chay) is the southern gateway to the Mekong Discovery Trail and the rare Mekong River Dolphins that shelter in pools 16 km north of the town. Kratie is a friendly, 'sunset' town on the banks of the Mekong River with a bustling central market.


Some of the buildings and streetscapes are reminders of French colonial days when the town was a river port. The shady boulevard along the river comes alive with food stalls at night. There is plenty of accommodation and reliable basic services for visitors.


North of Kratie (16 km) you can visit Kampi pools and view the rare Mekong River Dolphins either from a boat tour or from the river bank. The spectacular river scenery and the rural, friendly villages are added attractions.



From Kratie you can take a range of 1/2 day or full day trails along the river through spectacular scenery and unhurried villages. You can also stay overnight with families in more remote island villages, or with monks at the 100 Pillar Wat (temple complex).

Kratie Town Trail

Tour the shady streets and French colonial architecture of Kratie town by bicycle or horse cart.

Dolphin Discovery Trail

Enjoy the spectacular river scenery on route to the famous Kampi dolphin pools



Koh Trong Island Trail

Take a leisurely bicycle ride around this friendly, quiet island home.

Kratie’s West to East Bank Trail

Ferry across and ride through the river-side villages along both banks of the Mekong.

100 Pillar Wat and Koh Phdau Trail

Stay overnight and experience rural life and traditions in Wat and village home-stays north of Kratie.

For more information about the Mekong Trail please visit the following website: Mekong Discovery Trail

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