Volunteer's Stories

Thanks a lot to our volunteers who have spent time and financial supports for our projects so far!

Hello Volunteer Travel,


I just completed two weeks with VolunteerTravel in their Inspire Children program and it was the most rewarding experience I've ever had. The children are amazing and an absolute joy to be around.

In terms of the logistics around the program itself, everything was organised really well. From the airport pick up to the daily tuk tuks out to the projects to the group dinner, you always feel looked well looked after.

I highly recommend this program to any one - whether a solo traveller or with a group - as it's a great cultural experience and you feel like you are making a huge difference in the kid's lives.


Ly Dang


Hello Mr. Lim,


I wanted to write and thank you again for inviting me to volunteer at SBB2.  The three weeks I spent teaching the wonderful children in Cambodia were some of the most precious weeks of my life.  While it is my hope that I imparted some meaningful knowledge of the English language to them, I know for certain that I learned more from them than they learned from me.  Despite the hardships they and their families endure every day, the children always arrived at school bright-eyed, smiling, and eager to learn.  They welcomed me in with open hearts and I truly fell in love with each of their smiling faces and their unique personalities.  They are all so bright - really really smart kids who deserve a fair, full, and honest education.
You and all of the other committed staff at SBB are doing wonderful things for these children and it is my hope that by all your efforts, many of them (and better yet all of them) get the chance to live a better life.  Children are the future and Cambodia will be a better place if these children are given opportunities to succeed and maybe even someday play a part in changing the country so it is a better place for all Cambodians.
Thank you also for taking care of all the logistics for my trip.  From the minute I arrived at the airport in Phnom Phen everything was taken care of.  The orientation you gave provided me with a lot of helpful information about the program and the city.  My daily Tuk Tuk driver, Nak, was such a nice man and always got me to and from school, and Mr. Narin and his staff at the Narin guesthouse were all very nice and helpful.  Finally, thank you so much for arranging for me to join up with three other volunteers to tour Siem Reap and the temples together after our teaching assignments were over.  Again, you took care of all the logistics and we had a wonderful time.
I now have a very special place in my heart for the children at SBB and all the wonderful people associated with the school and its projects.  I will stay in touch and I am also exploring some ideas of how I may be able to do more to assist and contribute to SBB from afar.  Of course, I can say that if I am able to visit Cambodia again, I will definitely be in touch about volunteering again at SBB.
Take good care of yourself and your family and please send my best wishes to all the beautiful children and staff at SBB2.
Best Regards,
Beth West

Hi Guys,


Is officially back in reality I am very sad and I am already missing my little cambodian family. I had the absolute best time ever and I just want to thank everyone that have met for making it a fantastic trip. First, to all the other westies, for ur hints, tips and support - at school and at the bar my little roomy Tayla Jade, Trudy & John, Geoff & Cherice, the Hanstads Cia & Sarah, Kelsey & Laura - thank you. Thank you to Chhenny and the other daytime boy at the guest house for all help organising trips etc. Thanks to Nak and DA (or DH or TH, whoever you are!) for getting me everywhere i needed to go. thank you to Kimlay for the orientation, the support, letting me have a day off to go to the zoo and for the chance to be involved in the final exam. Thank you for the work that you do. To the teachers and local volunteers at VolunteerTravel's project - your translating was an incredible help! And especially thank you to Channa Kheng for going the extra mile for me, taking me to the public school, to the pagoda and making sure I understood Pchum Ben. Thank you so much, they are some of the highlights of my trip! And love, thanks and the best of wishes to Class B - I love you all so much. Thank you for putting up with me! I know sometimes I was very tough on you guys but I only did it to help you become better and because I believed in you and knew you could do it!!!! I will miss you and all the kids at SBB very much. Last but not least - Rim Saya - thank you for everything else I love Cambodia! And I can't wait to come back! See you guys soon...

Karen Walker




I arrived at Phnom Penh after a 14 hours flight from Frankfurt Was then so relieved to see Ritthy waiting for me at the airport! During the time we drove to he guesthouse, Ritthy told me a bit about the Cambodian history and culture. After getting unpacked we went down town to find a typical Cambodian restaurant. After having lunch Ritthy showed me the Royal Palace and the national museum when looks very beautiful and makes me want to see more of it!

In he evening we went to Ritthy’s second job, which is teaching English to university students. They were all very friendly and thanked me for coming to visit them. Afterword, we went to four of Ritthy private students, who invited us to have dinner with them straight away. I was amazed by the friendliness of the Cambodians towards foreigners later in the evening Ritthy took me to a typical Cambodian restaurant where the food was delicious!

All in all I can say that I feel very well and honestly taken care of and I’m looking forward to my further stay in Cambodia.


Toyah Clarius

[August 18 at 12:09pm]

Hello there,


I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Cambodia as this was my first time visiting the country. I was pleasantly surprised. My coordinator was waiting for me at the airport and the jorney back to the guesthouse went smoothly. The guesthouse staffs were really helpful and friendly. They were there to ask advice information, after offer a laundry service which as useful.

The project was a great experience! It was well organized and structured. The staff at Library 2 made me feels very welcome and helped me settle in very quickly. No time was wasted stuck into teaching. The children were the highlight of my trip. Never have I seen such beautiful happy faces. Their positive attitude and willingness to learn made the experience even better.


Rachna Kashyap

[August 21 at 5:15pm]



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