Why Us?

Guided by the principles of Volunteerism for Development (V4D), VolunteerTravel advocates the benefits of civic engagement, and integrates volunteerism into development programmes and, especially, for children’s communities, by mobilizing volunteers every month in pursuit of contributions to develop effectiveness.

VolunteerTravel helps countries to foster and develop volunteerism as a force for sustainable development. We provide strategic advice on the role and contribution of volunteers and options for civic engagement in development programmes, to improve public inclusion and participation in social and economic development, and we support the growth of volunteerism within communities as a form of mutual self-help or with the help and support from others.

Volunteerism is a great part of most communities. It is a renewable and sustainable resource and, if encouraged and harnessed, volunteerism can play a significant role in national development planning. VolunteerTravel believes that the Millennium Development Goals of the Cambodian government will only be achieved through the voluntary support of thousands of people countrywide.

We undertake partnerships with non-governmental, organizations and with Cambodian not-for-profit, and private sector organizations. VolunteerTravel delivers a prompt, efficient and value-added service to identify and engage professionals who can deliver services and fulfill a wide range of specialised tasks.

VolunteerTravel, through its oversea peartners, mobilises hundreds of volunteers every year internationally. More than 99% of our volunteers come from developed countries, and more than 10% of volunteers come from within their own country. VolunteerTravel volunteers also help to organise and run local support for a number of humanitarian projects.


We believe that it is in the Cambodian people’s best interests to ensure that every volunteer is genuine and wishes to help those communities in which they ask to work. To ensure this we do not accept direct volunteers and ask that you register your interest with one of our partners oversea. They will ensure that not only are all applicants technically able, but will also insist on their own police checks and/or childsafe protocols being observed.

If you are interested in volunteering but perhaps do not hold any technical qualifications, our partners can facilitate the TEFL/TESOL training courses for you. It also enables us here at VolunteerTravel to co-ordinate all volunteers and placements effectively, ensuring you have a rewarding and enjoyable stay.

You may ask for more information at info@cambodiavolunteer.info



Together We Build the Future!